Your digital concierge.

Introducing Butlr.

Creating a digital butler for our customers was a beautiful, yet arduous task. We built our product side by side with hoteliers with a rich tradition of hospitality and decades of experience. We know that even the best locations and offerings would be meaningless without an outstanding guest service. With Butlr every guest is offered a warm welcome and is made to feel special, valued and appreciated.

A Concierge to Tap

Butlr is your guests personal assistant, guiding them throughout their vacation or business trip, From the concierge guests have the hotel’s services at the touch of a finger.

Just Check-in

Once a hotel room is reserved, check-in details and login credentials will be given to guests so they can easily check-in and have access to all the hotel services from their smartphone.

Gorgeous design

For the user the design is the product, that is why we focus on the delivery of a stable and gorgeous application. With Butlr your guests will be naturally invited to buy more of what you offer.


Butlr is what makes a first class Hotel different from its competitors. Having a digital Butler always in contact with guests enables to deliver a unique experience, increasing customer satisfaction and hotel rating by offering a highly customizable tool that improves efficiency and room management profitability. Click on the icons below to show more.

    • Guests can control the world that surrounds them. From the profile section they can check their info, orders and bill. It will be magical.


    • From here, your guest will be able to get in touch with the hotel’s reception and explore and order all the corollary services offered by the hotel, from the spa to the bar..


    • Guests can explore and order all the best your restaurant has to offer directly from their devices.



    • Butlr is the best way to shop local products and get them delivered to guests home or hotel


    • Butlr offers to guests amazing experiences to do while on vacation


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